Saturday, April 24, 2010

James Hester on Mondschein, Fencing: A Renaissance Treatise

We’re happy to report that Ken Mondschein’s translation and edition of Camillo Agrippa’s Fencing: A Renaissance Treatise has just received an outstanding review. James Hester of the Royal Armouries Museum writes, “Fencing historian Ken Mondschein has done the Western martial arts community a great service by translating into English the fencing treatise of the iconic ‘Renaissance man’ turned fencing master, Camillo Agrippa.... This text is a valuable resource for historians, art historians, science historians, and scholars of masculine identity in 16th-century Italy....
“Mondschein succeeds in producing a translation that is modern and accessible without sacrificing the literary flavour of the period in which it was written. It is also heartening to see this text contribute to the growing trend of treating fencing manuals not just as resources for today’s aspiring swordsmen, but also as a useful primary source for in-depth research within the wider academic community.”  
For the full review see De Re Militari.

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