Saturday, February 8, 2014

Aiol, A Chanson de Geste, Published

Italica Press is happy to announce the publication of Aiol: A Chanson de Geste, Modern Edition and First English translation by Sandra C. Malicote and A. Richard Hartman.

This chanson de geste records the exploits of the young knight, Aiol, as he reclaims by word and deed his father’s and mother’s unjustly stolen heritage. He gains the love of a Saracen princess who converts when she is convinced of the truth of the Christian god by Aiol’s warrior’s prowess. He then aids the French King Louis in ending a debilitating war led by rebellious vassals and (in an allusion to the Fourth Crusade) similarly helps Emperor Grasien, the king of Venice, to end his own war against an enemy to the East. Aiol’s deeds ultimately bring justice to the kingdom of France.

Hartman and Malicote’s edition and translation is based on manuscript BNFfr 25516 and on the critical editions of W. Foerster and of J. Normand and G. Raynaud. As with their edition of Elye of Saint Gilles, the editors have chosen simplicity and directness of approach. The translation remains faithful to the spirit and meaning of the Old French poem; creating a lively, interesting and engaging text that allows the reader to savor the rich intellectual and artistic context of the original.

This title presents both the original Old French with facing English verse translation. It is now available in both hardcover and paperback. A Kindle version will be ready soon.