Wednesday, September 5, 2018

New Review for Edson Edition of Buondelmonti

Evelyn Edson’s new edition of Cristoforo Buondelmonti's Description of the Aegean and Other Islands has just received a very good review from Bert Johnson, vice president of the Washington Map Society, writing in the most recent issue of The Portolan.

Among the many things Johnson and The Portolan liked were the “precise reproduction of the manuscript itself (43 pages recto and verso, for a total of 86 pages). The beauty of the hand colored manuscripts and the maps they contain is striking. The maps are large and handsomely colored, accompanied by commentary on the history and current status of the island.… there follows an easier-to-read transcription of the text. This is followed by an English translation of the text…. The work closes with an extensive bibliography and index.… Evelyn Edson has done a magnificent job of ensuring that the reader will have full access to all that Buondelmonti has to offer, in both text and illustration. For his part, Buondelmonti has been fortunate in having his work examined by such a skilled exponent.

Please have a look!