Friday, December 31, 2010

Elye of Saint-Gilles is Published

Elye of Saint-Gilles tells the story of Elye — the son of Count Julien of Saint-Gilles, a vassal of William of Orange — and of his exploits during his youth and early knighthood. It is part of the William of Orange cycle, whose historical kernel is linked to events of the First and Fourth Crusades and the Reconquest of Spain.

Elye of Saint-Gilles is the first English translation of the Old French chanson de geste and includes a new critical edition, facing the English text. This work encapsulates many of the standard elements of the French chanson de geste and provides an excellent example of the virtues of this literary form for entertainment and instruction.

This title has been edited and translated by A. Richard Hartman and Sandra C. Malicote. Their introduction places Elye firmly within the context of its literary forms, of the crusading ethos, and of Western attraction to — and prejudices against — the Muslim world. Italica Press has published this edition in both hardcover and paperback editions, and will soon make it available for the Kindle and other handhelds.

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